Preservation Through Change

Posted on Apr 30, 2011 | 0 comments

We believe that the local and international are two forces which may be cooperative instead of antagonistic. We envision the preservation of Venice’s deep cultural history and tradition through supporting and galvanizing contemporary art that is interdisciplinary in nature, and hope to present an eclectic portrait that is faithful to the interests of its founders and to the environment of Venice itself.

By fostering a network of local and international artists, we aspire to rethink and address our cultural context through use of local realities and materials in an experimental fashion. In so doing, we honor the creative legacy and character of Castello Alto embracing both history and the impulse to move forward.

Our bar is a meeting point, a social space, a zone for inspiration and the percolation of ideas. Here, performances, screenings, seminars, readings, concerts and the celebration of traditional festivities that actively engage both resident and visitor participation all happen.

Gervasuti Foundation aspires to collaborate closely with artists, institutions and organizations to construct an ever-changing perspective by means of workshops based on research and through the intersection of contemporary discourse and production in all its forms.

By encouraging participation by the neighbourhood and involving the local community, inviting artists, as well as building partnerships with organizations and institutions, we hope to foster a cooperative environment where  projects will be born that stimulate a respectful use and development of an area which, like so many others, faces the risk of being engulfed by global tourism leading to the inevitable result of loss of cultural memory.

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