Gervasuti Foundation offre un programma stagionale di stage per scuole superiori, studenti universitari e laureati di tutto il mondo con studi di arte, storia dell'arte o di settori collegati, che desiderino acquisire un'esperienza nel campo dell'amministrazione dell'arte e una familiarità con un vivace programma d'arte contemporanea. Il nostro programma offre l'opportunità di entrare in contatto con un team creativo e appassionato e di contribuire a promuovere una visione internazionale che sia però profondamente radicata nel contesto culturale di Venezia. Il programma per cittadini non italiani e quello per i cittadini italiani sono separati. MODALITA' DI ISCRIZIONE I candidati che intendono fare domanda per il tirocinio dovrebbero richiedere ulteriori informazioni e i moduli di richiesta inviando una e-mail a

Gervasuti Foundation offers a seasonal internship program for high school, university students, and recent graduates worldwide who study art, art history or related subject areas who wish to gain practical experience in arts administration, scholarship, and a familiarity with a lively contemporary art program. Our program offers the opportunity to engage with a creative and passionate team and to help propel an international vision that is deeply embedded within the context of Venetian culture. The program for non-Italian citizens and the one for Italian citizens are separate. HOW TO APPLY Candidates who wish to apply for the internship, should request further information and application forms from the Gervasuti Foundation by sending an e-mail expressing interest to

Gervasuti Intern Bios 2013:


Valerie Gianni is a Corsican/American visual, performance, and recording artist; focusing on the identification of the self in the contemporary world. Her cathartic experience with creating has enabled a deep connection with her audiences as a inspiring and prophetic voice. While on residency in Mount Subasio, Italy, Gianni created an outdoor installation addressing human's psychological journey set amongst the natural landscape. Her work has been showcased internationally with exhibitions and performances in Chicago, Illinois, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and most recently Assisi, Italy.Follow her work at: &  

Sarah Cornejo is a graphic design and studio arts major from Marymount University in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area. She has expertise in various areas within the design field, including: graphic design, event management, art direction, marketing, copy writing, and branding. Cornejo first came to Italy to attain a masters in arts management and fell in love with the country; especially Venice. She is an advocate for arts in education. Cornejo is currently combing her passion for the arts, design, and Italy, as a co-founder of a start-up called the Itinerant Art Museum; a traveling interactive contemporary art museums targeted for children and families. Support this young start-up and visit:  

Rachel Morrall is a British/American art history major who graduated from The American University of Paris in May 2013. Her area of expertise is the Italian Renaissance. Previously living in Rome when she was seventeen, Morrall is inspired by culture, history, and language; especially French and German. She is passionate about the preservation of culture, finding a significant interest within the field of art history in the Middle Ages. Morrall plans to continue her education with a masters in Renaissance and medieval culture. She came to Venice in order to gain insight to the inner workings of the art world, as this is the route she is pursuing in life.

Lena Manylova originally from Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, is a recent graduate from the University of Bologna, with a master's in Innovation and Organization of Culture. She has lived in Italy since 2008, truly loving food, wine, and traveling. She plans to work in the organization of festivals or open an agriturismo providing artistic residences in Sicily, Italy.